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My creations are intended to be eclectic, minimalist, and each is handmade from recycled materials for the most part. I am committed to creating items using traditional craftsmanshipand a touch of contemporary zest.


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Welcome to my winter mini collection with relaxing soft colors. My collection combines practicality and comfort. Each item is handmade and intended to create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere. I had a lot of fun creating this little collection for you. 



  • Pairs of kraft paper bookmarks
  • Luxury comfort pillow, freezable or microwavable, delicately scented with Provence lavender
  • Small, original watercolor paintings in simple wooden frames
  • Soft pockets for books & e-readers. Each pocket has a mug rest 

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* Limited quantities. 

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Marque page
Bouillotte sèche
Aquarelle décorative
Pochette livre et liseuse